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• Exciting things are planned to arrive all users– musicians especially. Stay in tune for all the latest news via our Instagram:

Coming Soon

Version ???

• Spam Detection implemented– to reduce intentional spam, users can only post the same artist 3 times daily.
• Bugfixes.
• Design changes.

Glitches Fixed
• Some users experienced broken profiles and could not edit them. This has been resolved.
• Albums and Playlist could not be posted (OOPS). This is now fixed so post away!
• While searching a hashtag on the Discover tab search bar with the Groupie or Musician sub-tab selected, the search would infinitely load. This has been resolved!

January '24

Small Updates
Version 1.5.3 - 1.5.6

• Redesigns. Redesigns. Redesigns.

Glitches Fixed
• Jam previews working on profile.
• Crashes fixed.

December '23

Small Updates
Version 1.5.1 - 1.5.2

Profile Revamp
• Users can now add up to 5 different Jams on their profile. To add, or edit, tap the 'Edit Profile' button located on your profile.
• Collections and Listening Statistics have been moved to your Profile.

Discover Tab Revamp
• Musicians and Groupies For You section added!
World– discover musicians and users throughout the Groupie community that match your Top Genres.
Hometown– discover local musicians and users that have your same Hometown and match your Top Genres.

• Notifications have been moved to its own main tab.
• Follow buttons added to all timeline posts.
• Shortcut info added to Listen Later.
• Design changes and bug fixes.

August '23

Version 1.5.0

• Music. Filters. Are. BACK. Tap the Timeline switcher to customize what music you want to discover–– albums, songs, playlists, or all music!

 Musicians can now sync their discography to their account!
• When viewing a Musician's account, switch between the 'Posts' sub-tab to view their posts, and 'Discography' to view their music!


Glitches Fixed

• All songs properly load when selecting a featured song for Playlist Posts!
• Notifications from a user who deleted their account no longer infinitely load.
• Hashtags correctly load when editing any type of post from your profile.
• Updated profile images properly display on the timeline.


• Song and Playlist Post captions/descriptions increased from 250 to 500 characters!

May '23

New Things!
Version 1.4.4

Timeline Revamped
• Discography and Similar Artists sections added to Album + Song Posts.
• Posts automatically play music on swipe. Swipe pauses previous post and plays new post.

Glitches Fixed
• No more accidental double posts when tapping "Share" really fast!
• Keyboards fixed in comments section and messages– no longer close accidentally.
• Pop-ins of user profiles in message modals and comments section no longer flicker when typing or tapping.
• Main Collection cover images no longer flicker when creating a New Custom Collection.
• When viewing review pages, the Loading gif no longer infinitely plays if there are no reviews.
• Refresh added to Saved Music on Post tab.
• Refresh added to Custom Collections.
• When editing Custom Collections, there was a chance music and artists would not be removed, this is no longer an issue.
• If edited, sometimes your email would not be updated.
• The Like and Save counters properly show on each type of post.

Notifications Updated
• Refresh added to Notifications page.
• If someone taps a heart on your post, a "X user liked your post" will appear instead of "X user saved your post."
• Heart/Add to List counters added in post notifications.

• Correct usernames display in notifications.

• "Give us a review" pop-up added.
• "What's New" pop-up added– shows users what's been added in latest update.
• Email verification added for all users.

April '23

Quality of Life
Version 1.4.2 - 1.4.3

• "Message" icon added to posts.
• Old message icon is now "Add Comment".

Sign Up Process
• Completely redesigned.

• Small redesigns made throughout app.
• "Custom Lists" are now "Custom Collections".
• Bug fixes.

Jan. '23

Version 1.4.1

Timeline Revamp
• One post per screen– swipe up to view the next post.
• Following Timeline is now
Friends Timeline.
• Following Timeline filters removed.

Nov. '22

1 Year Anniversary
Version 1.4.0

'Record Wall' revamped.
• Tap an album, song, or playlist to pop-up more options: preview the song and see that artist's popular tracks, view an albums entire contents with more options (read reviews, save, preview songs), or view an entire playlist with more options (read reviews, save, preview songs).

'Custom Lists' revamped.
• Tap any piece of music in a Custom List to view more options (save, preview songs, view popular tracks, and/or read reviews).
• Artists can now be added to custom lists, and featured on your Record Wall. Tap for more artist info.

'Your Statistics' revamped.
• 'Top Artists'
and 'Top Songs' now have their own individual sections for easier viewing. Tap a song, or artist, for more info.

Artist Collection revamped.
Discography and Similar Artists added to Artist pop-ups.

• Tapping any 'New Music' is now a pop-up rather than a redirect.
• A bug where Playlist Posts would not show on the World timeline has been resolved.
• Song images appearing low-resolution has been resolved.

Oct. '22

Feature Updates
Version 1.3.2

• New "Tutorials" section added to user's Profile Settings.

Play + Pause buttons' size increased to reduce accidental presses.
• IOS ONLY: Timeline icons repositioned and spacing fixed.

Sept. '22

Small Updates
Version 1.3.1

3 years to the day our CEO initially created the Instagram account, "The Music Ark", which spawned the idea of a music sharing social media, we re-launched THE GROUPIE APP.

• New main promotional material created.
• New
tutorials added to website and scheduled to be added in app via Profile Settings.

Sept. 6, 2022

Groupie Re-launch
Version 1.3.0

Groupie got a huge Facelift with MANY UI/UX changes!


• Users can now heart, aka 'like', other users' reviews via the Timeline, the music's corresponding Reviews Section, or from a user's Profile.

• Timelines redesigned– main buttons rearranged with posts now 3% larger.
'Read Reviews' buttons added to post pop-ups. Redirects users to the review sections for said album, song, or playlist.
• Minor sizing changes in Messages.

Invite Link upgraded. Tap for more options: Scan QR codes for IOS, Android, and Linktree, or send a text message.
'Your Statistics sections upgraded.
• Tap each song in 'Top Songs' to pop-up more options: song previews, that artist's popular tracks, and post the selected song via "post song" button.
.   • Tap each artist in 'Top Artists' to pop-up more options: view the artist's popular tracks, view their genres, and an option to redirect right to Spotify.
• All searches on this tab's search bar are now permanently lowercase to eliminate potential search issues.

'Artist Collection' revamped. Tap an artist to view their popular tracks, genres, and an options to redirect right to Spotify.
'Create Post' option added to Listen Later. Hold down finger for both options: Create Post (new), or Remove from Listen Later.
• Minor spacing changes in Custom Lists.

• Minor redesigns and spacing changes.

• If a user did not include a caption/review, they will not appear in that musics' corresponding Reviews Section.
• Other bug fixes throughout rest of app.

June - July '22

Features + UI Updates
Version 1.3.0

NEW FEATURE: Invite Link
• Tap "Invite", via the header left on the Discover Tab, to send a download link to a friend!

• Added Genre Tags and Locations Tags to the sign up process.
• Bug fixes

May '22

Feature + UI Updates
Version 1.2.1 - 1.2.2

April '22

Major Feature Updates
Version 1.2.0

• users can now showcase their Top 3 Genres on their profile! To add, and change, tap "Edit Profile" on your Profile.

NEW FEATURE: Hometown Tags 
• users can now add their location via hashtag to discover local Musicians, and connect with local Groupie users! Appears on your Profile next to your follower counts. To add, and change, tap "Edit Profile" on your Profile.

• add up to 20 different hashtags when creating, or updating your album, song, or playlist post!
• Tags searchable via Discover Tab Search Bar.
    • Want to discover, and follow, users with similar music taste? Search a
Genre Tag
    • Want to discover local musicians and Groupie users? Search a
Hometown Tag!
    • Search
Post Tags to find other music posts created with the same tags.       
    • Filter added to search for specifically Groupies, Musicians, Albums, Songs, or Playlists.

NEW FEATURE: Reviews Section
• Search music in the Discover Tab Search Bar and tap an album, song, or playlist to see what other people are saying about the same piece of music!

NEW FEATURE: World Timeline
• View, and listen to, music being shared throughout the ENTIRE Groupie community!

March '22

UI Updates + Planning
Version 1.1.1 - 1.1.2

Android Only
• Users can now share songs to Groupie while listening on Spotify.

• Small design changes made throughout app.
• Users can now cancel searches via 'X' on Posts Tab and Edit Jam search bars.

• Crash fixed in Posts Tab's search bar.

February '22

New Feature
UI Updates

Version 1.1.0 - 1.1.1

NEW FEATURE: All Timeline
• "All" Timeline added! See all types of posts (albums, songs, playlists) from the users you follow via one timeline.

• "Forgot Password" now always appears on Login screen.
• Sign Up Process and Login Screen visually updated.
• Resizing and spacing changes throughout.
• "New Updates" link added in User's Profile Settings.

• Crash at end of Sign Up Process fixed. Accounts can now be created.
• Tagged User now appears correctly instead of User ID in comments pop-up.

January '22

UI Updates
Version 1.0.6 – 1.1.0

• All posts' 'view more' pages redesigned.
• Minor resizing changes.

Comment Section
• Users can 'reply' to each other.
• Albums, Songs, and Playlists can be commented.
• Users can be tagged in comments.
• Added 'hearts' to like comments.
• Hold down finger on comment to delete.

New Notifications Added
• X liked your comment.
• X tagged you in a comment.

• 'Edit Profile' section redesigned.
• Changing 'Jam' no longer crashes.
• Link for Tutorial Videos added to the 'Settings'.

• Notifications crash fixed.
• "username shared" removed from Song/Playlist Timelines.


• Groupies can be scrolled when searched on Discover Tab.
• Sentences autocapitalize in comments, messages, and posts' captions.
• Updated 'List Options' modal for consistency.
• Minor spacing changes on modals.

December '21

Minor Updates
Version 1.0.0 – 1.0.5

• Posts now appear to the right of any post notifications
• Date and time added to each notification.
• Minor spacing changes.
• Deleting a Post now deletes associated notifications.

• 'Send Message' icon on timeline redesigned and replaced.
• Added additional access to more Android phones.


• Music no longer duplicates when added to Custom Lists.
• Scroll bars moved over on Post Info pages.
   • scrolling now includes description and caption in comments section.
• 'Done' button at end of sign-up process caused crash. Issue resolved.

Beta Release

November 30, 2021
Beta Version 1.67.3

Groupie releases to the public for IOS and Android.

Initial Launch Features:
Timelines Tab -- Album, Songs, & Playlists
   • Switch between Timelines -- discover exac
tly what music you want, when you want
   • Comment -- start public conversation
s on a groupie's post
   • Add to List -- add music to any of your Custom Lists, Listen Later,
or one of you playlists
   • Message -- create private conversations and send music, or texts, directly to any groupie
      • Filter -- select Music, Message, or Both to see what you want in a private conversation

Discover Tab
   • New Music -- discover new music updated every Friday
   • Your Statistics -- view your listening habits for your top songs and artists
   • Search -- find and follow your groupies via the Discover Tab search bar

Post Tab
   • Review -- write up to a 250 character review for any song or album
   • Description – write up to a 250 character description for any playlist
   • Post
      • Top 3 songs from a favorite album or EP
      • A single
      • An entire playlist with a featured song

Collections Tab
   • View your saved albums, playlists, and the artists you follow
   • Listen Later -- save music for a listening session at a later time
   • Create Custom Lists -- keep track of your favorite music

Profile Tab
   • Highlight yourself -- write a bio, include a link, upload a profile photo
   • Groupie Name -- create a nickname to be displayed on Your Profile
   • Your Jam -- feature a song, album, or playlist
   • Your Record Wall -- showcase one of your Custom Lists. Click on any music to listen.

   • Reporting 
   • Blocking

Alpha Testing

May '21 - Nov. '21
10 - 15 alpha testers

Groupie reviewed and tested amongst limited number of users. Features finalized. Alpha bugs fixed. Initial feedback received.

Alpha Release

May 19, 2021
Alpha Version 1.0.0

Groupie Alpha released for testing.

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