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What music are your friends sharing? Let's find out!

Timeline Tab Tutorials

Navigating your Timelines

World vs Following

World to discover albums, songs, and playlists shared throughout the entire Groupie community across the world.

Following to discover music shared from just the people you follow!
All Filter– select to view all types of music shared.

Albums Filter– select to view only albums shared.
Songs Filter– select to view only individual songs shared.
Playlists Filter– select to view only playlists shared.

Saving Music

Saving Music

Playlists + Listen Later + Custom Lists

Song Posts
Save any songs posted on your timelines to multiple of your playlists.

Album + Playlist Posts
Save the album or playlist to your Listen Later Collection for a later listening session or to any of your available Custom Lists.

Sending Messages

Send Messages 

Posts + Messaging Music & Texts

Message any post to a friend via the Send Message icon located on any type of post.

Your Messages
• Create a conversation, discuss, and share tunes directly between you and a friend.
• Select a
Messages Filter at the top of a conversation to see only Text Messages, Music Messages, or Both!

Comments Section

Converse in the Comments Section

Music Comments + Replies + Hearts + Tags

Have something to say? Tap "Add Comment" on someone's posts, aka their review of said album, song, or playlist, to converse!

Inside the Comments Section
• Recommend another piece of music as its own comment by tapping the Music Note icon on the comment text box.
• Tap
Reply to immediately respond to someone's comment.
• Type
@ to Tag a fellow user.
• Tap the
Heart icon to like someone's comment.

Liking Posts

Spreading the Love

Liking posts, aka its review

Tap the
Heart icon located on any post to like the users review, aka their caption.

Tap a post, and
Read Reviews at the bottom to read, and like, more users' reviews related to the same piece of music!

More Tutorial Options

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