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Express Yourself

Showcase your beautiful self on your profile. Include a little about you in Your Bio (a link too if you'd like), feature a song, album, or playlist for Your Jam, view all Your Posts and Notifications, and showcase the music that defines you by adding one of your custom lists to Your Record Wall. Tap on any to begin listening!

Selecting Your Jam

What's your favorite song to dance to? Or do you love the entire album? Maybe you even created a 100+ song themed playlist that gets them hips moving. Highlight these songs, albums, or playlists by featuring them on your profile as Your Jam! To select a Jam, view 'Edit Profile', or hold your finger down on the music artwork.

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Your Record Wall

Whether you're a Groupie or a Musician, music has the power to define each and every one of us in a unique way. The music we enjoy is part of our personality and we want you to be able to express this through Your Record Wall! Tap the + icon to select a custom list to showcase or, when creating a custom list, view your options to set the list as Your Record Wall.

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