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Listen Later

Never forget to listen to music ever again.

Has one of your favorite artists ever released new music and you didn't have time to listen to it right away? Now, you'll never forget. Add music via the "+" button in the top right of your Listen Later Collection or add from any post you see on your timeline! After listening, simply hold down your finger to remove the music.

Organize Your Music

Your favorite music all in one place.


View the playlists you created on Spotify as well as all the ones you follow. Tap on one to view the full song list. Go one step further and message, or share, the playlist with groupies via an ellipses!


A quick and easy way to keep track of all the artists you know and love. Want to listen to their music? Tap on their icon and start listening to any of their music!


Your favorite albums all saved and ready to be shared. Tap on one to see its full contents, play on Spotify, message to a groupie, or share to your timeline! The choice is yours.

Create Custom Lists

The best way to keep track of the music you love.

Create lists of albums, songs, or playlists for any theme you can think of. Whether it be 'Favorite Albums of All Time', 'Top EPs of the Year,' or 'Playlists Whose Songs Make A Sentence', this Groupie feature has you covered. Once you've created a Custom List, click the 'dots' icon in the top right to set it as your Record Wall for your fellow Groupies to see on you Profile!

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